Bus trip Organization

Often when organizing leisure or work trip for groups it’s necessary to find the right fit for your rental needs. The best choice is to rent the most suitable vehicle with the right number of seats to guarantee comfort and reliability. Garoldini Viaggi it’s a family business from Vicenza with a reinforces experience in the Top-Quality bus and minibus rental field, which capacity goes from 8 to 19 to 32 up to 54 seats, as needed from the customer.

Bus rental for Groups

Our Fleet consists of a series of vehicles dedicate especially for the group transportation, equipped with all the necessary gear for comfort during the trip:

  • minibus 8 seats
  • 19 seats bus
  • 32/33 seats bus
  • 52/54 seats bus


The comfort on our busses combined with the ability and expertise of our drivers, make it possible for Garoldini Viaggi to be one of the best business in it’s branch, also thanks to the competitive fairs given to its customers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question, if you need more information regarding our services, or else to find out about our rental prices and conditions, or to have a quote. You can call us or write us an email to which we will make sure to answer as soon as possible. Garoldini Viaggi works with schools, organizations, private groups, business not only with busses, but with minibus, bus with trailer and car rental with a driver.

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